Past Eras Awaken, Volume 1

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This book is part of the book-series "Past Eras Awaken", in which are shown the direct helps and the spiritual guidance from the Light that have been given to mankind in the course of their history. The content of the book is no historical account in the ordinary sense. The proximity of Abdru-shin enabled some human beings who were open for it to have a comprehensive view of what took place at the time, and to make it visible to posterity with this record.

Volume I contains Krishna's activity on earth and its significance in world history – The Life of Nahome – Excerpts from the life of Cassandra; her fruitless warnings preceding the Fall of Troy, and the end of her earth-life – tells of Mary of Magdala and describes her quest for genuine love, her recognition of the Son of God and the completion her life.


A GREAT HAPPENING approached the terrestrial globe and descended upon Egypt, blessing the tranquil Grove of Isis.

Around the lavish gardens, which were in full bloom, rushed the waters of the Nile. Golden sunlight filtered through the branches.

Flocks of ibises flew to the place and gathered by the reed-nests, as though they wished to be present at the hour of the great happening. The acacias, with their cascades of flowers, rustled. Tall as pillars they towered above the gleaming, pale yellow Sanctuary of Isis.

Rocking gently, a magnificent skiff lay at anchor by the stone steps leading to the terraces of the Temple. Coolness wafted from the spacious, seemingly dark halls, right down to the sunny warm air beside the river.

Nubian attendants were sitting in the skiff with that calm, imperturbable dreaminess characteristic only of the women of hot countries. They always have time, for there is not much for them to do. Plenteous Mother Nature feeds and cares for them. But because of this they are forever in danger of falling asleep spiritually as well. Now too they had forgotten that they were to keep watch here before the Temple. Their thoughts were of earthly pleasures, for these alone could still stir their blood; they dreamed of finery and trinkets, of the triumph of their beauty over the heart of some insignificant man. No vestige of spiritual life stirred within them.

When they were given the signal to depart by a young white-clad priest who stood between the pillars of the Temple, they lowered their golden oars into the water and rowed up the Nile.

Slowly the boat of the Princess, adorned at the edges on either side with precious silk tapestries, moved away; a golden image of Isis shone at the prow.

Over the flower-clusters of the peacefully-dreaming island the setting sun cast roseate lights.

A WOMAN OF MEDIUM HEIGHT, in rich and exquisite garb, stood deep in thought under the pillars of the entrance hall.

She was enveloped by the cool of the halls and the dusky blue light from the interior of the Temple.

Priests in white robes approached her. In reverence they bowed their heads, remained standing and waited.

Aloe, the young Princess, appeared to be listening within. She trembled slightly in bliss, hope, and awe of something sublime, unknown. Then her slender form straightened, and she walked gracefully towards the gate of the Temple-hall.

There, a grave-looking priest of Isis came towards her. With his white hair and long white beard he was distinguished in appearance.

Benevolently, like a father, he looked at the Princess, who spoke a few words to him in a low voice. Her awe of the holy place restrained her from speaking aloud.

Kindly, Amon-Asro took her hand, and silently led her into the Sanctuary.

Deeply solemn, soul-stirring music poured from the halls. Again and again the pillars seemed to reflect the mighty chords until they quietly died away.

The Princess bowed in humility and placed a large flower at the foot of a statue which stood like a sentinel in the first hall. Twilight enveloped her. The music had ended, but the sounds still seemed to be surging through the great halls.

At the threshold of the inner room gentle hands placed a long white mantle over the woman’s shoulders. Here and there lights shone out, pale blue and flickering. At the end of the Temple, however, there was a bright gleam like the brilliance of a sun. There the glorious image of Isis stood resplendent with the golden solar disk upon her head.

Priestesses robed in white were serving here. Solemnity, sublime reverent beauty, worship and purity dominated the room. Seven white steps led to a table of offering upon which stood a bowl filled with grain and surrounded by a wreath of white flowers.

Again the High Priest approached the Princess. She bowed low and knelt down on the top step. Then Amon-Asro solemnly offered her one grain from the bowl of Isis.

With that it was as if something wondrous suddenly happened to her! Everything about her was forgotten. A rushing of song and of wings sounded from Above and re-echoed from the walls and pillars. Light of indescribable clarity pervaded the Temple. The ceiling appeared to open, clearing the way right up into Heaven. A snow-white Dove appeared in a brilliant ray.

Aloe was fully alert. Wide open to the Heavenly Radiance, she heard and beheld a lovely figure, beautiful as an angel and majestic as a queen, with deep-blue radiant eyes. Upon her head she wore a crown of lilies. She was bathed in roseate light, and the scent of lilies was in the air around her.

The Luminous One inclined towards the Princess and entered her pure earthly covering.

“I am Irmingard. Call me Nahome!” Love and joy resounded in the voice like a wonderful promise.

At the same hour the child in her womb stirred, and she called it by its name: Nahome!

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