Past Eras Awaken, Volume 1 (MP3-Download)

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Past Eras Awaken, Vol. 1 (MP3-Download)

This audiobook is part of the book-series "Past Eras Awaken", in which are shown the direct helps and the spiritual guidance from the Light that have been given to mankind in the course of their history. The content of the book is no historical account in the ordinary sense. The proximity of Abdru-shin enabled some human beings who were open for it to have a comprehensive view of what took place at the time, and to make it visible to posterity with this record.

Volume I contains Krishna's activity on earth and its significance in world history - The Life of Nahome - Excerpts from the life of Cassandra; her fruitless warnings preceding the Fall of Troy, and the end of her earth-life - tells of Mary of Magdala and describes her quest for genuine love, her recognition of the Son of God and the completion her life.

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ISBN 978-3-87860-793-9
định dạng Zipped .mp3 album, 468 MB
Playing time 11 h 37'
Ngôn ngữ English
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